Algorithm 10.20

With it's help anyone can create programs without any programming knowledge
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Algorithm is a program for software development. With it's help anyone can create programs without any programming knowledge. Up-to-date objects will let you to create your own multimedia players, browsers, text editors, it will provide you with tools for working with file-system, screen, system registry, keyboard and mouse.
And it's very easy to work with all these features. You can immediately compile your programm into an exe-file and publish it in internet or start selling it and making money on your own intellect.
Main features:
- Vivid graphical interface
- Rich set of objects for interface creation (windows, buttons, pictures, etc.)
- Special "Useful Objects" with unique capabilities (desktop, reboot OS, mouse, etc.)
- New ultra-functional objects (browser, video-player)
- Ability to execute any programs and commands in Windows OS
- Fully supported operations with files, directories and system registry
- Program complexity is almost unlimited (see Useful Object "Extended features")
- You can compile your program into one exe-file
- Algorithm can export your project to a high-level programming language project - Visual Basic.NET . And you will be able to finish your program in the real programming language!
- Algorithm is free (Freeware)

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